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Organic & Green Waste

Organic waste
As part of our long-term commitment to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill within the Southern Grampians Shire we are employing systems and procedures from the Sustainability Strategy 2010-2020. Through this we aim to raise community awareness of waste management, upgrade the Shire’s recycling facilities and specialised waste services, reduce the levels of household, commercial and industrial waste going to landfill and increase the diversion of green and organic waste from the landfill.

Our waste services guide can be found here.

Organic and green waste
When organic (carbon based) materials such as paper, plants and food break down in a landfill, methane is produced. Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide so our Sustainability Strategy includes a number of measures to divert organic materials out of the landfill in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hamilton and Tarrington residents can take advantage of our optional fortnightly organic waste collection service.

Sustainability Coordinator
1 Market Place
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0220

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