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CBD Revitalisation Stage One - Cox Street


The overall aims of the project include:
• Establish a strong landscaped axis along Cox Street.
• Creating a landmark entry into the CBD area.
• Creating a strong, active urban edge to Cox Street.
• Promoting opportunities for large format retail/bulky goods development along Cox Street, and infill development in the
blocks immediately behind Cox Street.
• Consolidate lots on Cox Street north of Gray Street, enabling a key location for a DDS development;
• Establish through block laneways, creating a permeable pedestrian framework and connecting car parks behind.
• Improve active frontages and retail potential along French Street and Station Street.
• Promote mixed use development along the eastern side of Cox Street, beyond the double row landscape boulevard and
have active frontages that take advantage of proposed landscape interface.


The Hamilton Structure Plan identified the importance of Cox Street Entry Precinct and the opportunities for it to present as a proud town entrance, while at the same time demonstrating opportunities for a vibrant retail precinct with large format stores within the CBD area. The precinct draws on information gained from the community workshops and works with the existing land ownership pattern.
This project will concentrate on the design of the landscaped axis boulevard to create a pedestrian/bicycle path, producing the strong urban edge to Cox Street to facilitate retail development consistent with the Southern Grampians Shire’s Master plan and retail strategies. The aims will improve walkability and safety, as well as present the town in an attractive way for residents, visitors and prospective investors.


Briefing to Council detailed design – February 2019
Proceed and finalise detailed design – March 2019

Adopt detailed design – April 2019
Define land use strategy – May 2019
Temporary diversion of heavy vehicles – May 2019
Tender for construction – May 2019
Project completion – July 2020

Current Status

Directly impacted businesses consulted for input into design with positive feedback received. Detailed Design review has been carried out with final designs due in April 2019. Preparations for tendering construction are underway.

For more information:
Please contact David Moloney – Director Shire Infrastructure on (03) 5573 0259 or via email

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