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What goes in what bin?

In an effort to reduce environmental impact and conserve the life of the landfill, we ask that you correctly sort and dispose of materials in the appropriate waste or recycling bin. Please note that our contractor’s collection trucks are equipped with cameras to monitor bin contamination.

Keep in mind, also, that you will be charged for the clean-up and removal of any hazardous waste (e.g. asbestos) placed in your bins.

Visy Recycling Video

The Recycling Education video provides a detailed explanation of the different materials that can and can not be recycled through the Visy MRF.

Materials Suitable for Recycling Bin

These items are suitable for recycling: DO NOT place these items in the recycling bin:
Glass bottles and jars Plastic bags
Liquid paper board milk and juice cartons (not long-life Tetrapaks) Broken crockery or plates
Aluminium cans and trays Pyrex glass
Steel cans and aerosols Ovenware
Paint tins (empty and dry) Window glass
Plastic milk, juice, soft drink and detergent bottles Waxed cardboard
Plastic containers: Margarine, yoghurt, ice-cream and other food containers (emptied and cleaned) Paper with food remains
Newspapers and magazines Hazardous or chemical waste
Cardboard boxes (crushed and torn to maximum size 50x50cm), pizza boxes (with no food remains) Plastic chemical or Ag drums
Letters, envelopes, cards and advertising material Polystyrene
Work and school papers (remove plastic covers and bindings) Personal documents
Telephone books Motor oil containers
Bricks or rocks
Green waste
Household rubbish
Food waste
Textiles, carpet

Other Recyclables

There are other materials that are recyclable, but not through the Visy recycling plant, so these items should not be placed in your recycling bin. For more information on recycling batteries, mobile phones, plastic bags and fluorescent tubes please refer to our Waste Services Guide.

Materials Suitable for Organic Waste Bin

These items can go in your Organic Bin
Food scraps, including meat, other animal products, tea bags, coffee grounds and kitchen paper
Grass clippings and leaves
Prunings, twigs and branches which are no greater than 40mm in diameter (broom handle thickness) and 300mm in length
Animal excrement
Animal hair
Dry sawdust from untreated timber
Vacuum cleaner dust
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