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Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton is one of the Southern Grampians Shire's greatest assets.

Created in 1977 by forming of a clay embankment across Grange Burn, the Lake receives water from the agricultural land upstream of Hamilton and stormwater drains which run from the streets of Hamilton directly into the Lake.

Lake Hamilton and its surrounds are popular among residents and visitors alike for picnics, walking and cycling. The Lake is also used by individuals and sporting groups for water based activities including swimming, sailing, skiing, fishing, diving, and rowing.

**COVID-19 Restrictions & Algae Bloom (Updated 23 April)

Council wish to update the community on the current guidelines around the use of Lake Hamilton due to COVID-19.

Under the direction issued by the Chief Health Officer on 30 March 2020, all public boat ramps, piers and jetties are closed for recreational boating and fishing, until further notice. This includes recreational boating and fishing at Lake Hamilton, but does not apply to commercial or emergency boating. Piers and jetties are still permitted to be used by walkers or people actively exercising.

Council received guidance last week that people are permitted to canoe, kayak, row or paddleboard for exercise, so long as this activity is undertaken alone and that any equipment used by a subsequent person is appropriately cleaned and disinfected. Signage has been recently erected around the lake to reflect these guidelines.

We do however remind residents that there is currently an algae bloom on Lake Hamilton so for your own health and safety, we recommend that you do not use the Lake for recreational activities. We continue to monitor this situation and will provide an update as soon as tests confirm the bloom has ceased.

Council appreciates your patience and cooperation with these guidelines. Your actions at this time will help protect the health of all Victorians as we work together to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Usage times for the UNRESTRICTED area of Lake Hamilton

Day Up to 11.00am From 11.00am
Monday Non-powered vessels Powered vessels
Tuesday Non-powered vessels Non-powered vessels
Wednesday Non-powered vessels Non-powered vessels
Thursday Non-powered vessels Non-powered vessels
Friday Non-powered vessels Powered vessels
Saturday Non-powered vessels Powered vessels
Sunday and Public Holidays Non-powered vessels Powered vessels

If the lake is vacant, users may access the lake outside of the usage times specified above, provided they immediately exit the lake when a designated vessel requires access.

The usage times and restrictions for Lake Hamilton are detailed in Part Nine of Council’s Community Local Law No 1 of 2015 and the Lake Hamilton Usage Policy.

Non-powered vessels may use the restricted area of Lake Hamilton at any time.

Powered vessels may use Lake Hamilton at any time at a speed of 5 knots or less.

The usage times for the unrestricted area of Lake Hamilton changed on 1 December 2016 from the odds and evens system to the usage times detailed in the usage policy and the below table.

Exclusive Use Permits may be allocated for special events. Please complete the Exclusive Use Hire Form and return to

Details on water quality of Lake Hamilton please follow this link to our Water Quality webpage.

For further information please contact Council’s Local Laws Department.

Local Laws Department
111 Brown Street
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0430
Customer Service
Phone (03) 5573 0444

Lake Hamilton Walking Track

The Lake Hamilton Walking Track is open at all times and has a range of facilities and activities to suit everyone. Enjoy a picnic or barbeque, walk around the lake, or take advantage of the fitness equipment.

There are 10 kilometres of shared trail around the lake and along the Grange Burn, perfect for running, walking or bike riding and a great way to experience the beauty of Lake Hamilton. The regularly maintained track winds its way around the whole of the lake and extends along the Grange Burn.

Track markers are located every 500m commencing at the Hamilton Spillway entry point for training enthusiasts combined with eight outdoor resistance training stations spaced in key positions around the lake track.

Refer to the map below for the location of all facilities, parking options and starting locations for running or walking around the track.

The track is home to a major annual fun run in November, Weekly Free 5km Timed Run and is also used for regional cross-country events.

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