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Our Building Unit can provide assistance and advice about construction and all related building matters in the Southern Grampians Shire. If you are building or changing the way you use your building (residential or commercial) you may need a Building Permit. Building permits are required to ensure the building complies with the Building Act, Building Regulations, National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia and Plumbing Code of Australia), and Australian Standards.

Various functions, roles and responsibilities of the Building Act, and Building Regulations are delegated by law to the Municipal Building Surveyor, who is a registered building practitioner by the Victorian Building Authority.

Our Building Unit undertakes regular audits of commercial, industrial and public buildings to ensure that essential safety measures are maintained for those classes of buildings.

Council Municipal Building Surveyor works in conjunction with the Victorian Building Authority as a co-regulator of health, safety and amenity of all buildings across the Shire and is available at Market Place Business Centre for consultation, five days a week.

To obtain further advice regarding Planning Permits please follow this link to the Planning Resources and Application Forms page.

Building Department
1 Market Place
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0253

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