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Septic Tank Permit Application Process

Before installing, altering or using any septic tank system a permit must be obtained from Council.

Council can only approve systems that have JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand) Certificate of Conformity, comply with Planning Permits and Planning controls, designed by a suitably qualified Land Capability Consultant, of whom will provide a Land Capability Assessment Report that complies with Victorian EPA Code of Practice Onsite Wastewater Management 891.4 and MAV Victorian Land Capability Assessment Framework 2014.

In unsewered areas, Building Surveyors cannot issue a Building Permit until Septic Permit has been issued by Council.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers will inspect the property prior to the system being installed and following installation to ensure the septic tank system meets the guidelines. If your property access is restricted, please contact Environmental Health Department to make arrangements to enable Council Officers to undertake the appropriate inspections.

Once the Septic tank system is installed, you will need to submit as installed system layout plans with Plumbing Compliance Certificate to Council's Environmental Health Department. If you have installed an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System or Sandfilter or Reedbed System or Worm type systems, you will be required to provide a copy of the maintenance agreement with the final layout plan. The owner will be issued with Approval to Use Certificate when this information has been received and Council's Environmental Health Officers are satisfied the Permit To Install conditions have been met.

It is the responsibility of the property owners or occupiers to ensure their septic system is operated, maintained, serviced, pumped out and monitored.

Application form for Permit to Install Septic Tank System

Further inquiries regarding septic tank systems can be made by contacting Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Environmental Health Department
1 Market Place
Hamilton Vic 3300
Phone (03) 5573 0256

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