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Hamilton CBD


The Hamilton Structure Plan adopted by Southern Grampians Shire identifies a vision for the CBD: to be the civic, shopping, business, entertainment, social, cultural and community heart of the city and region.

It identifies that more than 40 per cent of the Hamilton CBD remains underdeveloped, while the CBD streetscape has not received significant public investment for more than a decade.

The Hamilton CBD is in urgent need of design upgrades. Streets like Cox and Brown Streets are tired and poorly presented, undermining the true potential of this commercial precinct. The existing Plane trees are in need of an improved maintenance regime and are currently presenting threats to the infrastructure of carriageways and adjacent buildings. Interconnected laneways are poorly presented and underutilized. Whilst high level planning has been undertaken there is a need for detailed design that ensures the potential is fully reached.

Further strategic work is also required to connect the CBD with Melville Oval that must be consistent with both the needs of user groups and the greater community.

The Hamilton CBD is an attractive precinct, well laid out, with interconnected laneways, unique heritage buildings (in Gray Street in particular) and adjacent sporting public open spaces that support the excellent amenity. Whilst the Plane trees provide challenges the amenity of the CBD is enhanced by their shade and feel. The main retail precinct of Gray Street has a real human dimension and between the war architecture that with careful design has the potential to be a unique and vibrant accessible and well connected precinct.

Good planning and design that leverages from these excellent features will re-inforce Hamilton’s potential as a destination of choice for retail, commerce, cultural activities and community engagement and enterprise.

To progress the vision and tackle the issues identified in the HSP a “Hamilton CBD Liveability and Economic Revitalisation” Project was developed to consider a staged approach over the next decade commencing in 2017/18. Each stage represents a carefully planned and sequenced cascade of design and construction phases. The Hamilton City gateways, boulevards, laneways and pathways will connect new retail, services and community spaces.

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