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CBD Tree Works Commence

19 July 2018

Work commenced this week on stage one of the Hamilton CBD street trees action plan. The works signal the start of a twelve month action plan to undertake remedial works on the Hamilton CBD trees. The plan, funded in the 2018/19 budget, demonstrates Council’s commitment to the ongoing maintenance of street trees in the CBD.

In March this year, following consideration of a report from Arborists Homewood Consulting, Council resolved to:

1. Maintain the existing trees in the CBD
2. Remove trees that are in poor health and develop a remedial action plan for the problematic trees
3. Reduce the canopy through trimming of trees in Gray St

Stage one of the action plan covered urgent remedial works to three trees - two claret ash in French Street and one plane tree in Hamilton Place. Works included clearing the canopies from powerlines, removing overhanging branches and managing the growth of the trees.

Quotes are now being sought for stage two works, which includes the removal of twelve trees, located in Hamilton Place, Kennedy Street, Lonsdale Street and Cox Street. These trees were recommended for removal in the arborist report because they are in poor to very poor condition and have a useful life expectancy of less than five years. A map outlining the locations of the trees to be removed is available at

Once a contractor is appointed to complete the works, Council will advise the scheduled date for works to commence. All of the trees will be replaced with similar species, however those in Cox Street will be replaced at a later date as part of the Cox Street redevelopment.

Council’s Director Infrastructure David Moloney said that as discussed at Council’s community information session on CBD trees held in April, the large blue gum tree on Lonsdale Street, out the front of the Hamilton Visitor Information Centre is also nearing the end of its useful life and will be removed as part of the action plan.

“The Arborist report identified two treatment options for the blue gum, cabling and pruning or removal. While remedial cabling and pruning works are an option for this tree, advice has indicated that these works would significantly change the look of the tree, requiring the removal of the majority of the canopy and the works still would not address the large hollow in the tree. This option would also only add a maximum of five more years to the life of the tree, so Council has decided to remove it,” Mr Moloney said.

“There are some added complexities involved with the removal of the Blue Gum. It will require a number of safety measures to be implemented for the safety of pedestrians and motorists, including traffic management around the Lonsdale and Thompson street intersection and footpath diversions.

“Council will have discussions with impacted businesses in the coming months and will advise the community well in advance of the works taking place,” Mr Moloney said.

Stage three of action plan, due to commence later in the year, will see the pruning of trees in Hamilton’s CBD. This will most likely be conducted over weekends and/or early mornings, to reduce the inconvenience to businesses, foot traffic and motorists.

“While we are aiming to keep disruptions to a minimum, we do appreciate the patience of the community while we undertake these works,” Mr Moloney concluded.

Read the full arborist report for more information.

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