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COVID-19 - Update from Council 27 March

From the CEO

I cannot stress enough, that people need to take seriously the government regulations around social distancing and staying at home. Ask yourself, before you head out the door, do I really need to be going out? We’re still seeing life as normal down the street in Hamilton, and it’s particularly worrying to see so many of our older population out and about socialising. We need to listen to the Prime Minister, the Premier and the Health officials and stay at home. It’s the only way we are going to get on top of this virus and stop the spread.

A number of additional service impacts have come into effect at Council over the last few days. These include the closure of all Caravan parks and campgrounds across the Shire and the closure of all playgrounds and skate parks. We understand the playgrounds in particular will disappoint people, however we cannot ensure these are clean and safe for use so we need to protect the health and safety of the entire community by closing them for the time being. The other service change we’ve made is to Meals on Wheels. Meals will now be delivered by Council staff, not by Volunteers. Again, this decision has been made with the health and safety of our volunteers in mind.

Stay tuned to our Facebook pages to see some of our services being delivered differently, particular Mardi and the team at HILAC and our Library staff. There is also a wealth of information being delivered to support local businesses on the Facebook group: Greater Hamilton Business and Tourism Group – COVID-19.

We’ve seen some great examples of people looking after each other in our community throughout this time and that is really heart-warming. Look after yourselves, look after your neighbours. If you know of a vulnerable person, please get in touch with us at Council or call the Helping Hands service on 1800 943 131 (monitored by Council and WDHS) and we’ll find a way to help them. While we need to practise social distancing, it’s also very important that we keep an eye on each other, particularly the elderly and those who may be on their own.

Lastly, a reminder that our staff are still available on phone or email to help you as normal so please get in touch with us about any queries you may have about Council services. We are all in this together, but that means we all have a role to play - Council and Community. Please respect all of the staff that you are dealing with remembering that we are trying to work through all of the community concerns and issues, while delivery as many services as possible.

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