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FAQs - Building and Design

I’m not sure I like the design of the building. Is this what the Gallery will look like?

The concept drawings of NHG by architects Denton Corker and Marshall, are just that - concepts.

Concept drawings give a project life and an idea of what can be possible.

Once the overall project progresses, from a funding focus to project delivery, the design of the building will then be revisited. This would most likely be in the form of an architectural competition. Detailed design preparation will then be able to progress.

What will be different about the new Hamilton Gallery?

The new Hamilton Gallery will have 2.5 times the display space of that of the current gallery and will also contain a rooftop bistro and lakeside café with world class views of the Grampians National Park. Floor space will increase from 462 square metres to 900 square metres and wall length increasing from 182 to 286 metres. Four dedicated spaces for permanent collection will increase to seven spaces.

The building itself will meet museum standards for collection display and storage (unlike the existing building) and will have a full range of energy saving features.

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