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The Greater Hamilton region has a very strong education sector with the breadth of education institutions providing the full range of education offerings. To build on this strategic advantage, Southern Grampians Shire Council aims to develop an overarching education strategy, developing collaborative processes that establish clear pathways from the various levels and types of training and education providers.

As well as focusing on the interdependent education model where all providers are working together to build on Hamilton’s strategic advantages in education, the aim of the project is to maximise the utilisation of existing infrastructure and improve it where necessary. Key facilities with significant potential include Baimbridge College and the Education Precinct on Ballarat Road.

Baimbridge College is the only public secondary school in Hamilton and is in need of significant upgrade. It has received State Government support to implement the planning work undertaken.

The Ballarat Rd education precinct has been designated in the Southern Grampians Shire Council’s planning scheme for education purposes. Council has been working with the former owners (RMIT) and the new owners (SW Tafe) with the vision to establish an education hub that will support the delivery of education services from a variety of providers.

The vision for this Hub is also be to provide on line students with a digital centre and facilities that support students who are studying remotely as well as supporting new start up businesses and providing opportunities for distance education students to meet with other students who may be studying in different courses and from different institutions but share communities of interest as remote students.

Collaboration Agreements have been signed or are being signed between South West Tafe, Hamilton Skills Centre and Southern Grampians Adult Education. These will be further developed collaboratively. The aim is to develop an interdependent education model The vision is also for the Hamilton facilities to support master classes at a secondary school level. There are six secondary schools (Balmoral, Casterton, Hawkesdale, Heywood, Lake Bolac, Mortlake) within one hour’s drive from Hamilton and the vision is to provide those students from relatively small and isolated areas the opportunity to study specific courses together, providing interaction between these students that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Council is also planning digital infrastructure that will support education provision in Hamilton in particular.

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