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Cattle Yard Roof - Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLX)


The Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLX) is the second largest sheep selling centre in Victoria and South Australia (second to Bendigo), processing an average of 1,000,000 sheep per annum. The HRLX also sells approximately 30,000 cattle per annum.

For cattle to be maintained and grow, increasing pressures from saleyard users and regulators to provide better conditions for workers and stock needed to be addressed.

Project funding was applied through the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) with scope included to cover cattle pens 1-99 as well as the pre-weighing area, reconfigure cattle pens 1-99, LED lighting for the roof cover, IP CCTV surveillance systems, 54kW roof-mounted PV solar system, IT digital infrastructure for live online cattle sales. Council received confirmation in March that BBRF would contribute $715,000


Stakeholders acknowledged the Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLX) sheep yards as being “State of the Art and World Class”. With the upgrade and redevelopment of the cattle precinct, there is the opportunity to launch and position HRLX as a state of the art, world class combined cattle and sheep yard facility.

The HRLX can leverage many existing advantages including central location and lower freight charges, lower selling fees, all-inclusive fees, large dirt holding pens, etc. just to name a few.

In the near future, Online Selling will become the norm rather than the exception. Investigation into costs of establishing online sales and streaming has shown it can be done for a low capital cost. Very little is required in the way of infrastructure and equipment. Live streaming and bidding can take place with as little as a 4G connected tablet with a microphone and a clerk.

The future of the HRLX will further be secured with the introduction of new roofing to the cattle precinct to accommodate solar PV panels. This would have the advantage of HRLX reducing its energy utility bills while also providing an opportunity for a potential off take agreement with other nearby businesses.


Funding received from BBRF – March 2019
Prepare tender document – March 2019

Tender issue and evaluation – April 2019
Council award – April 2019

Kick-off Meeting – May 2019
SGSC approval of shop drawings - June 2019
Temporary Pens construction – 15 Nov 2019
Stage 2 Building Permit approval – March 2020
Stage 1 Building Works – March 2020
Roofing and storm water – April 2020
Electrical Installation start date – May 2020

Current Status

Stage-1 Building Permit issued and associated works to be complete by mid-April. Stage-2 Permit is expected early April with all works to be complete by June 2020.

For further information, please contact David Moloney – Director Shire Infrastructure on (03) 5573 0259 or via email

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