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Rural Land Use Strategy

Key elements of the Strategic Planning Framework and the role of RLUS

RLUS Diagram

RLUS is a key strategic platform but it is not the only strategic document to address rural land use in the Shire, the following diagram provides a representation of RLUS’ relationship to these other strategies.

Implementation of findings from RLUS in relation to these strategies will occur in the following ways:

1. High level strategic policy guidance to inform Council’s 20-year strategic plan, CVF 2041 including vision statements around tourism, renewable energy, economic development and the like.

2. Statutory implementation to translate recommendations from the RLUS into the content of the Planning Scheme, e.g. introduction of clearer policy in the Local Planning Policy Framework, restructure overlays, clarification of subdivision and dwelling controls in the Farming Zone.

3. The Southern Grampians Shire Small Towns Strategy which will provide a vision as to how the Shire will manage the future of small towns and settlements. The Strategy will be developed as a key driver of CVF 2041.

4. Through further strategic work including review of environmental values and preparation of a Natural Resource Management Strategy (currently undergoing) and Small Towns Strategy.

Key aspects of the draft strategy

The Strategy creates a framework for a planning vision and objectives that seeks to support established rural industries such as agriculture and forestry, promote emerging opportunities in rural tourism and recognise and protect important environmental and landscape values.

The Strategy is the first of its kind for the Shire which:

• Establishes a planning vision for rural land across the Shire.
• Recommends strategies that seek to support established rural industries such as agriculture, forestry, windfarms and mining.
• Promotes emerging opportunities in rural tourism.
• Recognises and provides a means to address important environmental and landscape values in the Shire.
• Promotes tourism by encouraging a range of high quality experiences leveraging significant environmental values and landscapes including The Grampians (Gariwerd) and volcanic landscapes.

The draft strategy considers agri-business needs and opportunities, community aspirations and amenity expectations in order to provide a comprehensive vision for its rural areas in the pursuit of economic, social and environmental wellbeing. The draft strategy will enable the Southern Grampians Planning Scheme to be reviewed and updated to respond to current and emerging rural land use issues and opportunities.

Progress update

Council is seeking feedback from rural landholders on the opportunities and challenges facing our rural areas of the Shire and ways our planning policies can support ongoing sustainable use in the future. This will inform the next stage of the Rural Land Use Strategy and eventually will inform future changes to the Southern Grampians Planning Scheme. Further updates will be provided as this project progresses.

Be involved and have your say

You can have your say by completing the online survey here.

If you have any questions or would like to keep in touch with the project progress, please contact Council's Planning Unit, by phone 5573 0202.

Submissions will be received up until 11 June 2021 and can be sent to or posted to Southern Grampians Shire Council Locked Bag 685 Hamilton VIC 3300.

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