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Statement from Mayor Sharples – Midfield Meats

10 August 2020

As the largest meat producer in the state, Midfield Meats, is vitally important to our region. Due to the number of COVID cases in the industry, the State Government has called for all abattoirs to reduce operations by a third for a six week period. Midfield Management have said they would not be able to sustain a reduction in operations and would be forced to shut the doors completely.

A full shut down would see about 1000 local people out of work for six weeks and the impact to the economy would be massive. The South West region cannot afford to take this hit right now. With our local businesses and services already hugely affected by the pandemic, a reduction in operations or forced closure of Midfields would be devastating to our economy.

Midfields are also a very important customer for the Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange, so the impacts would be felt right throughout our community.

Midfield Management have taken every precaution throughout the pandemic, including having all employees proactively tested and implementing best practice sanitation requirements. It would be very disappointing to see them grouped with other abattoirs who are suffering outbreaks when there is nothing to indicate that they are currently at risk.

I join with other Mayors from across the Great South Coast to call on the State Government to reconsider the blanket rules relating to abattoirs and allow Midfields to continue operating.

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