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Fire Prevention Notices | Frequent Asked Question

Question Answer
What if I am unable to complete the works myself? You may appoint a contractor of your choice to complete the specified work at your cost council is not responsible for works on private property.
What does it mean by reduce fine fuel? All plants provide fuel for a bushfire. However, it is the fine fuels (those less than a finger's width, approximately 6mm and less) that contribute most to the heat and speed of a fire. Fine fuel includes dry grass, leaves, twigs and loose bark but does not include larger logs or branches. Minimising fine fuels reduces the heat of a fire and its ability to spread across the ground and up into the tree-tops.
Why won't the council slash my block? Council manages a very large area of land including roadsides and recreation areas and is not able to provide a service for private land, this is the responsibility of the land owner.
I have a property that I think is a potential fire hazard, what should I do? Contact the customer services of the Council with the address and details of the hazard and they can advise the Municipal Fire Officer Prevention Officer. If a hazard exists it is likely the property has already received a fire prevention notice.
What do I do if I object to my notice? Detailed information is provided on the reverse side of your notice to assist with objections and appeals.
Do I have to remove the cut grass from my fire break? Yes, for a fire break to be most effective the cut material must be removed. This can either be raked off the break away from the fence line or for large blocks it may be possible to bale the grass and store off the break.

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